Call Restriction - How to verify if calls are being allowed/block (Local, LD, Toll-Free, Interntional, etc)

How to Allow/Disable local, toll-free, international, etc calling capability. 

To verify if you are allowed or you wish to allow/disabled a block for the above, you can do so by doing the following:

1- Login to
2- Change view to Advance
3- Click on Admin Settings
4- Click on Call Restrictions

You will see several options listed for the account wide (Toll Free, Local, Group, Toll, International, Operator Assisted & Chargeable Directory Assistance). Below will describe what each one allows/blocks:

Toll Free: Free calls to numbers beginning with 1, usually followed by 800, 877, or 888.
Local: Calls within the same geographic region.
Group: Calls within your group (extension to extension/user to user).
Toll: Chargeable calls within the same geographic region (Long distance, not international).
International: Chargeable calls to other countries.
Operator Assisted: Calls made with the chargeable assistance of an operator.
Chargeable Directory Assistance: Chargeable calls made to Directory Assistance, such as 411 or 555-1212.

You will see below that a department and user block also exist which allows restriction based on department (if you have some created) and by user specifically as well. 

All the same options as account wide exist for department/user restriction.

To allow access, the option will need to be set to ON.
To restrict/block access, the option will need to be set to OFF.