Calling Smartphone CLID Issue (HIYA)

When calling smartphones users & it's populating the company name wrongly or showing as potential spam, that's a program within smartphone that is doing a search on their database and providing the information as an incoming or outgoing caller ID (who's calling you or who you are calling).

This program is called Hiya. Hiya is the major provider for the Smart lookup of smart phone. 

Primus nor any telecom company has access to fix any caller ID showing wrongly or DID's populating as spam on that program. We also have no access to communicate with them to resolve the situation. Client's are responsible to contact Hiya and have their business caller id name or being flagged as spam fix. 

To reach Hiya and have the issue fix about your DID being flagged as spam, you can create a trouble report ticket by doing the following:

1- Go to
2- Click on "please click here and we can help you." 
3- Fill in the request and click submit

Hiya support will then reach out to you for further instruction/resolution. Once they complete the work, your number shouldn't be showing wrong caller Id or Spam anymore.