How to Move/add Hardware to Users

adding a phone hardware to one of your pre-existing users. 

To add a device to a user, the device needs to come from Primus. If the inquiry is about adding your own Purchased devices, unfortunately we don't have the Bring your own device (BYOD) program. 

- Therefore meaning you will need to contact your sales account manager to order a new phone which will then be added to your account for use with any users. 

On the other hand, if the device already exist on your account, you can simply assign it to the user of your choice. 

To verify if the device already exist on your account:

1- load
2- change view to advance
3- click on admin setting on left side
4- click on account resources
5- once loaded, scroll to the bottom to where it says Telephone, this will list all the devices associated to your account. 
6- if the device exist, on the left side of the MAC address, there will be a code (ex: Polycom-123456)

- Write down that code since you will need it to assign the hardware to the user of your choice.

To add the device to the user of your choice:

7- click on users at bottom of the page
8- select the user to use the new device
9- click manage users at bottom of the page

On the new window, do the following:

1- change view to advance
2- click user profile
3- scroll to device and click manage
4- in the drop down list, find the code you wrote down earlier and click ok
5- click save at bottom of the page.

Now the new device is assigned to the user. If the device was already plugged in, please unplugged it and reconnect it after 10second.