How to Setup BLI's / BLF

Clients can use BLI's / BLF to monitor users, the phone itself will display different indicators to show what stare the user is in.

Off = This state is sent when a call is ended and applies to both the initiator and recipient of a call
Flashing Green = Proceeding / Early
Solid Red= an active, held, or other currently confirmed call state. Applies to both the initiator and recipient of a call.

To setup BLI/BLF you can follow the following:

a- login to 
b- change view from basic to advance 
c- on left side click admin settings 
d- click on button assignment 
e- in the drop down of select devices, locate the MAC address of the phone you which to assign to different extension/users
f- now you will see option from Button 1 to button 6 (depending on phone models, some could be 4, 6, 8, 12) for your phones (button 1 & 2 are the personal extension of the user)
g- now you can modify the buttons (example 3 to 6) and use them as Busy Line Indicator (you need to do them in order ex:3,4,5,6) 
f- if you need to modify button 3 but button 4 has something assigned to it, button 4 needs to be removed before button 3 can be edited 

Once you have edited the phone, wait 3-5min then reboot the phone. Once rebooted the phone should show the button assignment you have completed on the portal.