How to Setup Speed Dial

speed dial can be setup on a user phone with the button on the main screen or even setup for the number keypad for each user at the user level profile. 

To be able to do this, please do the following: 

A) login to with an Admin account 
B) Change the view from basic to advance 
C) On the Left side click on Admin Settings 
D) Under Admin Settings, go to button assignment 
E) Choose the agent you wish to modify 
F) is phone will appear with button assignment on the right side 
G) each button empty, can be setup as speed dial 
H) click on one of them, in the drop down list choose speed dial and enter the number appropriated for the speed dial. 

If you want the speed dial setup with the keypad numbers instead, this will be done at the user level. To do so, do the following: 

I) staying on the same page you are, on the left side at the bottom click on Users 
J) now in this list, you will have to choose the agent you want to assign to the Custom contact directories. 
K) Do a check mark on the left side of is name (only choose 1 user at a time) 
L) at the bottom now click on manage user 
M) a new window will pop-up, change the view from basic to advance 
N) on the left side click on Call handling 
O) under call handling, click on speed dial 8 
P) Under here, you can setup speed dial for number keypad 2 to 9 
Q) to setup each key, click on the yellow envelope on the right side of each number and fill in the blank. 
R) once completed, click on the save button on bottom right side of the page.