Legacy Softphone (Bria) - How to Authorize User/Download

To download the softphone, you will need to be an administrator in the voice.primus.ca portal. 

1- login to voice.primus.ca 
2- change the view from basic to advance
3- click on admin setting
4- scroll to bottom where it says "software" and click on it.
5- in the middle of the page you will have to agree to terms & condition and then will be able to download the application.

If there is any issue downloading the application, you can download it here:

Windows: http://clientupdates.primus.ca/voice/Bria/Primus_Softphone_Win32.exe 

Mac: http://clientupdates.primus.ca/voice/Bria/Primus_Softphone_Mac.dmg 

To be able to use the application, you will need to authorize the users, to do so:

1- while in the portal (voice.primus.ca) go under admin setting
2- click on Misc. Features
3- in the list of users, check-mark desktop softphone for each users you which to grant access then click save. 

To login in the softphone, the user ID will be the email attached to the users profile and the password as well. 

To verify their email and change their password (if needed) you will do the following:

1- while in the portal (voice.primus.ca) click on "users at bottom left
2- in the list found the user in question and check mark it
3- click on manage users at bottom of the page
4- in the new window change the view from basic to advance
5- click on user profile on left side
6- in middle of the page, you will see the email address, if correct then leave as is, if not correct, then you can correct it there. 
7- to change the password, you will click on change password
8- then scroll to bottom and click on save. 

Once completed, the user will be able to login to the softphone.