Thin Client Announcement/MOH/Messages

how to have a message played at the beginning of a call made to your call center, about having music played while on hold & having a message played every X second/minute to re-assure client they are still on hold. 

The only option you have access to manage on your end is the Entrance message (message played when the call is hitting your call center). To change this message you would do so by doing the following:
1- login to
2- change view to advance
3- click on call center admin
4- choose the call center queue you wish to modify
5- click on announcement
6- change the entrance message to the new one you wish to have played

As for having Music played while a client is waiting and a message stating they are still on hold (ex: please wait for next available agent) you would need to provide us with the music & message to be played (in a .wav format preferably). We will then upload it from our end for you.