Thin Client Call Center License/Queue Activation

how to add someone to the call center (license and queues)

To add someone with call center access (license) if one available:

1-    Login to
2-    Change the view from basic to advance
3-    Click on call center admin at bottom left side
4-    Click on service assignment
5-    In middle where you see a drop down option, click on it
6-    in the drop down list choose the user that needs the access to call center (users or supervisor)
7-    Once you choose the name of the user, under the name in the square boxes, you will take a license available under the “available service box” and transfer it to the “User service box”
8-    Once moved, click the save button just below that

For a user access, they require the 2 following license to access call center:
1-    Call center – (Basic, Standard or Premium) – for your company it would be the Premium one (this can be checked by selecting a call center queue and seeing what is assigned as profile to it)
2-    BroadWorks Agent

For a supervisor access, they require only the following license:
1-    BroadWorks Supervisor 

To add the user to answer calls for specific or all call center Queues you will need to do the following:
1-    Click on call center queue
2-    Choose the queue the user needs to be added to (need to be selected 1 at a time)
3-    Click on Agents
4-    Under “available agent” move the newly added user from there to the “assigned agents box”
5-    Click on save

Now that the above is completed, you will need to have the user login to and activate the queues to be able to receive calls. 

To do so, please have the user do the following:
1-    Login to (users logs in with their & Supervisor login with their email address, attached to the user profile)
2-    Click on setting on top right conner
3-    Click on application
4-    Click on queue membership
5-    Select all the queues showing as an option
6-    Click the save button
7-    Now logout and click save as well so it save your settings. 
8-    Now login again and should be able to start receiving calls.