Thin Client Call Recording - How to Add/Remove Users From Supervisor Listening View

how to add or remove users recording from a supervisor access. 

To add or remove a user from a supervisor, you would do the following:

1-    Log into the Call recording portal with your credentials
a.    Click on Organization tab 
b.    Click on Users
c.    Click the target SUI username to add or remove listenable users 
2-    Under Subscribers, you will:
a.    check off (to add) or uncheck (to remove) only the subscribers that the supervisor should have call recording access to
b.    click Update User. 
3-    Have the supervisor log in and confirm they can now see the different users/agents

The subscriber list will be listed as SUI ID’s only, therefore, to pull the list of your user by SUI, you can do so by doing the following:

1-    Login to
2-    Change view to advance
3-    Click on admin settings
4-    Click on account resources
5-    Wait until the page is loaded (might take a few min)
6-    Each users will be listed with their SUI ID’s 

You can then cross reference them from that HPBX portal VS what you see on the call recording portal