Thin Client Call Recording Search

how to search for users calls recorded in the portal. 

To do the proper search either by name (phones name) or SUI ID, please see below: 

1- open call recorder at 
2- click on recording tab at the top 
3- click on filter 
4- make sure on the left side you select By number 
5- on the right side of that a square will appear with 2 options (Call Handler Number Search) & ( Select call Handler Number) 

If you choose (Call Handler Number Search), 
- there will be a square to enter the name (full name) of the user(s) profile assigned (IE: Vanessa, Kevin, Kingston, Scarborough, etc) 
- You can type the name you are looking for, if exist it will appear as a result which you can click on it to auto fill the square. 
- once done click on apply change, this will now pull call recording just for that user. 

If you choose ( Select call Handler Number), 
- There will be a list appearing with all the SUI ID that are being recorded. 
- choose the one you need then click apply changes 
- this will now populate recorded calls for that specific user.