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Uploading Custom/Personnal Contacts

Personal Contact / Custom Contact, are save in our directory as the following: Last Name / First Name. 

If your import isn't that way, it might not upload properly at all. Also, any upload made or change made to a phone requires a reboot to take affect. 

Custom contact should be uploaded on our portal at voice.primus.ca 

To make this happen, you will do the following: 

A) login to voice.primus.ca with an Admin account 
B) Change the view from basic to advance 
C) On the Left side click on Admin Settings 
D) Under Admin Settings, click on Corporate Directories 
E) Under Corporate Directories, click on Custom contact 
F) on the right side you will be able to either manually enter the contacts or import them. 
G) Once completed (either manually or imported) you will want to assign agent to be able to pull that data on their phone 

To be able to complete that, please do the following: 

H) staying on the same page you are, on the left side at the bottom click on Users 
I) now in this list, you will have to choose the agent you want to assign to the Custom contact directories. 
J) Do a check mark on the left side of is name (only choose 1 user at a time) 
K) at the bottom now click on manage user 
L) a new window will pop-up, change the view from basic to advance 
M) on the new window, click on user profile on the left side 
N) in the middle of the page, scroll down to directories, in the drop down list choose custom / personal dir. 
O) scroll further down and click on the save button 

Once completed, wait about 1-2minutes and then reboot the phone. This should make the directories change for the user. 

Now to add more user to the same custom/personal directory, please repeat step J to O.