Xten Lite / Eyebeam Softphone Configuration

Contact our Customer Care Support department by email or telephone to obtain the correct credentials and proxy server IP and port to assist with configuring your soft phone.

Recent version of Xten Lite require some non-obvious settings to work properly when using Thinktel VoIP service. After launching Xten Lite, follow these steps exactly:

1.) Dial ***7469 and click Send.
2.) In the window that pops up, type 'rinstance' in filter. A number of values should pop up for this. For the entry labelled 'Proxy 0', change its value to 0 instead of 1.
3.) Close the window and save changes.
4.) Restart Xten lite.
5.) Configure the Xten for your Subscriber line. Set domain to the proxy server, username to the 10 digit number and the appropriate password.
6.) Save changes and restart Xten Lite. Your number should be registered to the switch with active phone service.