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How do I factory reset my Linksys or Cisco phone and re-provision it?

I - Factory Resetting the Phone

Important: If you are factory resetting a phone previously provisioned with ThinkTel, please contact Technical Support before proceeding so that we can remove the device from our server before it is re-provisioned.

  1. Select the Menu button on your phone (below voicemail button, looks like a sheet of paper with a folded corner)

  2. Scroll down to the 'Factory Reset' menu option. On some models you may need to select the 'Device Administration' menu first.

  3. Select this feature and follow the steps to factory reset the device.

II - Provisioning the phone

  1. Press the Menu button on your phone and scroll down to the 'Network' menu option. On some models you may need to select the 'Status' option first. Here you should find the phone's IP address on the local Network (ex. 192.168.xxx.xxx).

  2. Using a computer connected to the same Network as the phone, open your web browser and enter the phone's IP address in the Address Bar and navigate to the site. You'll see an Administration panel where you can view the status of your phone as well as configure it.

  3. At the top right section, you should see two links. Click 'Admin' first, wait for the page to reload. Next click on 'advanced' and wait for the page to reload again.

  4. Click on the 'Provisioning' Tab and ensure that 'Provision Enable' is set to 'yes'

  5. Set 'Resync Random Delay' to '0'

  6. Set 'Resync Periodic' to '5'

  7. Set 'Profile Rule' to: http://provision.thinktel.ca/init.cfg

  8. Click on 'Submit All Changes' at the bottom of the page

Your Cisco/Linksys device will reboot up to four times with firmware potentially being upgraded if out of date.

Please note: It can take 10-20 minutes for your device to populate in our Provisioning server. If the process appears to be taking longer than this, the device may need to be manually rebooted by unplugging/replugging the power supply.

Provision device:

  • Contact Technical Support after the Reset/Re-provisioning to complete the device configuration (i.e. re-add a number to the ATA configuration).
  • Provision VIA uControl. Instructions on the following article.

Quote your device MAC address or serial number when placing orders for VoIP service on your Cisco/Linksys hardware


We hope this info was a help. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.
You can open a support ticket or contact us atphone-icon-blue 1-888-852-2381 for additional assistance.