ThinkTel's 911 Testing Procedure

Information on ThinkTel's 911 Testing Procedure


Normally we attempt to dissuade end users from any testing to reduce the traffic load and free up 911 staff and facilities to handle real emergency calls.


You should have already updated the 911 utility at - This requires a uControl login. This utility applies to wholesale and retail clients.


Any support staff can tell you what 911 will see on their call display and 911 will be getting there data from ThinkTel's database.

That being said, we can make exceptions if you call in advance and explain to us what you would like to happen and the process to your client.

Normal procedures for our clients to test into our 911 Emergency Response Centre are as follows.

• You need to supply us with the date and time you would like to perform this 911 test at and we will arrange with our 911 Provider.

• Please set the test for Monday to Friday 10h00-20h00EDT and give us 2hrs notice.

• Send a ticket into with the following information. (Special instructions are for what action you would like taken, i.e. would like forwarded to a specific emergency service or to confirm service address listed.)


Subject: 911 testing request for ThinkTel number

Source Test Number:

Test Date:

Test time:

Special instructions:

• If you are making tests from multiple numbers. We will need a ticket for each day if they are not to be completed on the same day. Please try to limit your test calls to 2 over an hour’s time. Our 911 provider will only take so many test calls in an hour, as they need to ensure that they have 911 operators available for emergencies. If you need to make more then a couple test calls just space them out through your day.


• We will have to confirm with 911 that no emergencies are being responded to and will update the testing ticket 30-60 minutes before scheduled test either to tell you to go ahead and call 911 or to reschedule a new test date/time.

• If 911 expects no issues they will supply us with a daily passcode, that we will relay to you on the day of your testing.

  • On occasion if there is an expected national emergency i.e. a tornado or hurricane warning has been issued they will deny all testing for that day.

• If you DON’T receive a confirmation email, please don’t test the 911 service as there is a chance the call WILL be routed to police services and an officer WILL be dispatched to your location.


We hope this info was a help. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.
You can open a support ticket or contact us atphone-icon-blue 1-888-852-2381 for additional assistance.