Types of Virtual Faxing

Fax2PDF (uControl product name: Fax to Inbox) is for bidirectional faxing via email

  • You can only have one inbound email per fax line, if you want it forwarded to multiple emails you will have to create a distribution list on your mail server.
  • You can also send outgoing faxes Here are the instructions from the associated email address(Must be the same as inbound).
    If you wish to be able to send faxes from additional email addresses, we can add these as aliases for an additional cost.

Fax&Scan (uControl product name: Print to Fax) is for use with windows Fax&Scan client

  • Can fax via email as outlined above, plus send faxes via Fax&Scan.
  • This is a service that uses the widows Fax&Scan client that comes with windows XP, Win7, Win8 and Win10
  • You can install on any computers you wish. Is based on pages sent and received, not on the amount of computers using.

    So it can be installed on all your office computers(They no longer need to leave their desk to fax), including remote commuters if required(No one needs to come into the office to fax).

For pricing please contact your Account Manager(AM) or your Account Relations Manager(ARM)