Hosted PBX - Phone Services

Below is a list of options available for our Hosted BPX lines.

Phone Services

Business Group only Services

  • Call Park
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Transfer
  • Line State Monitoring - This service allows a Business Group Line to be connected to an attendant console (Sidecar). The attendant console will then be notified of the state of any line within the same Business Group that has been connected. The state of a line can be one of the following:
    • No call present
    • Incoming call is ringing on this line
    • Incoming call is active on this line
    • Outgoing call has been originated on this line

Call Services

  • Call Forwarding

    • Unconditional call forward - forwards without the line ringing.
    • Busy Call Forwarding - Will forward whenever the line is busy (will not work if you have voicemail as one will cancel out the other)
    • Delayed Call forwarding - If no answer, the call will be forwarded to a specified number after a certain amount of time. We can set from 6 - 3600(1hr) seconds.
    • Unavailable Call forwarding – Will forward unconditionally if line ever goes down (NIS)
    • Selective call forwarding (Anonymous) - Is set if you want all anonymous numbers (for which the caller's number is withheld) to be forwarded to a specific number. i.e. voicemail.
    • Selective call forwarding - You can specify a number that will unconditionally forward to specified destination (but will not forward all calls)
    • Find-me-follow-me (SimRing) - Will ring other number(s) at the same time that your VoIP line does.
  • Caller ID Services

    • Caller ID (Calling Party Number) We can enable this, so it displays your main number.
    • CNAM (Calling Party Name)
  • Incoming Call Services

    • Selective Call Rejection
    • Anonymous Call Rejection
    • Call Waiting
    • Priority Call
    • Do Not Disturb
  • Messaging Services

    • Voice Mail
    • Reminder call
  • Outgoing Call Services

  • Web Services

  • Easy Attendant - The Easy Attendant service is an automatic call answering service that delivers an interactive menu to callers with recorded announcements, or options for callers to enter the extension number of the person they wish to contact.  It can also be configured to play different menus for business and non-business hours.

    The Easy Attendant service can be used in the following different ways.

    • All incoming calls can go directly to Easy Attendant, with callers using key presses on their phone to select an option from the choices presented to them - for example to transfer to a specific department.
    • Easy Attendant can provide an out-of-hour receptionist, where calls in non-business hours are forwarded from the receptionist's number to the Easy Attendant number.  The caller then hears the Easy Attendant menu, which may provide self-service options, or just inform the caller that there is no-one to answer their call.
    • Easy Attendant can also come into operation only if no-one answers the incoming call, offering a richer set of options than a simple voicemail box.  For example, Easy Attendant can play announcements to callers describing the business's opening hours or ask the caller if they wish to leave a message for a specific person.
  • The Easy Attendant menu is configured by the subscriber, using a simple web-based interface.

  • An Easy Attendant subscriber can also use a simple Telephone interface to turn Easy Attendant on or off, and record announcements.