How do I request a number(s) to be ported to Thinktel

Moving your telephone number(s) from your current provider to ThinkTel is a process that has to be carefully managed.

The process has the following steps:

  1. ThinkTel requires detailed information on the numbers to be moved over. Filling out the online Port Form at Order Forms will get the process started.

  2. The Port Form requires two (2) key items; a copy of a Letter of Authorization (LOA) giving ThinkTel the authority to request the move with your current provider and, a copy of your Current Invoice that shows your billing and site address as well as the details on the numbers to be moved over.

  3. When you go to our web portal page at Order Forms, you will be given the option to fill out a form for either Toll Free ports or DID ports. Please be aware that a Toll Free port requires that you submit a recent LOA and current invoice. You may also attach your 411 Update Request Spreadsheet to your port request for DID ports only. Toll Free are not eligible for 411 upload. Instructions are here: Before You Begin Porting

  4. When you submit the form it creates a Port Order in our queue for processing and will notify you throughout the process with updates and requests for information.

  5. Our porting team will review your information and request any additional information or clarification.

  6. If your order is rejected by the losing carrier and all attempts have not met with success to port the number an (RFI) Request for Information to determine the relevant information may be made on your behalf. This will require authorization from you, the customer, as there is a charge for this process of $90, which would be charged back to you, the customer, making your authorization to incur the charge a necessity.

  7. The order is submitted to the existing carrier and they have 5-7 business days to respond with an acceptance or rejection based on the order information provided. Some third party carriers take longer to respond (between 10-20 business days). We will advise you if this is the case with your number. You will be provided with a tentative target date at this time.

  8. If accepted the order will be assigned a port date which will be communicated back to you for confirmation. If you need another date you must let us know immediately. We will provide you with a tentative port date, which will be followed by a confirmation of the port day by the losing carrier if the port is accepted.

  9. If rejected we will attempt to correct or provide more information and resubmit (this starts another 5-7 day clock for the current carrier to respond). (This also starts another new time cycle with the losing carrier.)

  10. On the day of porting the numbers are added to our switch. The cut over will take place on the day of the port date provided. We port between 9:30am EST and 4:00 EST. If a customer needs to port their numbers between 7:30 - 9:30 AM or 4:00 - 7:00 PM EST on normal business days, there would be an extended hour’s surcharge of $100 for the activity. If a customer required a port to occur outside of these hours or on the weekend a $250 after hours charge would apply. During normal business hours there would be no charge to arrange for a specific time.

  11. The number ports (which means the number is deleted from the current carriers switch and added to ours).

  12. Once your port has completed, we conduct OffNet testing of your number to verify that we are delivering calls though our network to you. We will then notify you by email that your number has been ported and tested successfully.

If you have any additional port related questions please contact our Porting department via email at or they can also be reached at 1-866-928-4465 


We hope this info was a help. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.
You can open a support ticket or contact us atphone-icon-blue 1-888-852-2381 for additional assistance.