N11 Services

ThinkTel supports N11 dialing, but all Municipalities don't Support all N11 services, and they are not always routed to the same destination. As each municipality (Rate Center) decides where these calls are routed to. For example, 211 will sometimes route you to the "United Way", "Salvation Army" or "Social Services".

So, depending on what Rate Center you are calling from, it will determine what destination you are connected to.


N11 Codes are assigned by the CRTC in Canada and by the FCC in the United States.

In Canada, the CRTC assigns the N11 codes for specific applications (As listed below) in accordance with criteria established by the CRTC in Telecom Decision CRTC 2001-475 Allocation of 3 digit dialing for public information and referral services. Geographic NPAs and CO Codes in format N11 are not assignable in Country Code 1 to avoid causing customer confusion and network routing difficulties.




Code Use of Code




Community Information (Available services in your area)




Non-Emergency Municipal Government Services




Directory Assistance




Weather & Traveller Information or police non-emergency services




Repair Service




Access to Message Relay Service (MRS) by the deaf7




Non-urgent Health Tele triage Services







Further information can be located at http://www.cnac.ca/other_codes/n11/n11_codes.htm or a PDF version at http://www.cnac.ca/canadian_dial_plan/Canadian_Numbering_and_Dial_Plan.pdf