Reusing a Cancelled Number

ThinkTel now offers our customers the opportunity to reuse one of their numbers without having to contact ThinkTel staff.

You can reuse it for up to 3 days after the number has been cancelled. After this time, you will have to contact our Orders group at

1. Cancel the existing line/service. Delete A Number
2. Order New service. Ordering A DID
3. Chose the rate center of your old number. If needed it can be looked up here Local Calling Guide
4. In the numbers section click on the dropdown and scroll to the bottom of the numbers.

Your recently deleted numbers will show as available for 3 days


We hope this info was a help. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.
You can open a support ticket or contact us atphone-icon-blue 1-888-852-2381 for additional assistance.