Adding a Sub-User

The main username (account Number 2000xxxx) should only be used by the main administrator.

All other users should have their own account setup. This way if we ever need to find out who made changes there will be a record, but if you share access then we will not know who did what. I.e. Deleted a line.

Follow the steps below to add a sub-user. 

  1. Open uControl.

  2. Click on the Blue "Management" Tab--> "Users"

  3. Click on the "Create New"

  4. Complete the required fields
    • Password
    • Username
    • Email
    • Language

  5. Select the level of permissions You wish to Apply.
    • True = Has access
    • False = Doesn't have access
    • Read = Can view but make no changes
    • Write = Can view plus make changes
    • None = Can't view
    • Admin = Has complete access

  6. Apply permission to the following fields
    • API (Application Programming Interface) KB Instructions
    • Subscriber/Number (allows user to make changes to existing services. i.e. changes to Sip Trunks{[SIP passwords and configured SIP bindings](PBX/Trunk IP/Port/Password - Change "")}, DID's, individual Lines and other phone number based services)
    • Billing (allows user to order a new service, download CDR's and invoices and to make payment)
    • Stats (allows user to see graphs i.e. Usage)
    • 911 (allows user to edit, update and add 911 service addresses)
    • Number Ports (allows users to submit a number port)
    • Data Center (allows user to edit data center products i.e. a Full cabinet (42U) in our colo)

  7. Click on "Create"

To return back to the main screen menu, select Management-->Dashboard. 


We hope this info was a help. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.
You can open a support ticket or contact us atphone-icon-blue 1-888-852-2381 for additional assistance.